Luban Packages To Download:

1. Luban Beta2.1 With Luban Java Bridge Source Code Package
Luban source package can be built on Linux and cygwin. You can try to build on other
UNIX like platforms by modifying the build script included in the package.
You can check out the
build and installation instructions and license before you
download. If you have question regarding license, check out  this
simple license

2. Luban Beta2.1 Binary Package With Luban Java Bridge For WIN32
This package can be installed on Windows NT, 2000 and XP. It contains a copy of
cygwin1.dll that is from open source and you can directly download the
associated source code for cygwin1.dll if you like to.
There are still problems to use Asynch Struct in Luban code on Cygwin. Though all
other Luban features work fine.
It is very simple to install Luban binary package.  The package is a self-extracting exe
file. So all you need to do is the following:
a. Run the file to extract files to, for example, to c:\luban
b. To run luban interpreter, cd c:\luban
then type: luban -i
Or directly click the Luban console icon inside the folder.
c. to start Luban from anywhere
c.1. add environement variable LUBAN_HOME=c:\luban
c.2 add c:\luban into your PATH environment variable

3. Archives
Luban Beta1.0 Source Package
Luban Beta1.1 Source Package
Luban Beta1.2 Source Package
Luban Beta1.3 Source Package
Luban Beta2.0 Source Package

Luban Beta1.0 Binary for WIN32
Luban Beta1.1 Binary for WIN32
Luban Beta1.2 Binary for WIN32
Luban Beta1.3 Binary for WIN32
Luban Beta2.0 Binary for WIN32

Luban: The Component Oriented
  Scripting Language